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Pondicherry sightseeing

Pondicherry having many important tourist sightseeing places to visit like SRI Aurobindo ashram, Promende, Aayi Mandaoam and Bharati Park, The Pondicherry Museam, Temples, Grand Bazzar, Chunnambar Boat House and many more... 
Sri Aurobindo, revolutionary, poet, philosopher and yogi was born in Calcutta in 1872.he came to Pondicherry in 1910. The mother, born in Paris in 1878, came to India in 1914 to meet Sri Aurobindo. She rejoined Sri Aurobindo in 1920 and resumed her spiritual collaboration with him for the evolution of a higher consciousness, a spiritual and supramental consciousness on earth.In the main building of the ashram ,or Rue de Marine are the marble Samadhi , where Sri Aurobindo & the Mother have been laid to rest in the houses they lived.
Visiting Hours – 08:00hrs to 12:00 hrs & 14:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs 

The 1.5 km long promenade running along the beach is the pride of Pondicherry. Most of the landmarks are on the sea front : the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Jeanne d’Arc, Dupleix, the elegant War memorial raised by the French, the heritage building “Mairie”, the 27 m tall old lighthouse, the circular shaped customs house & Gandhi Thidal.
Visiting hours : No time limit 
The park facing the governor’s bungalow reflects the French influence. Once called as “place du pantheon “now turned as Aayi mandapam- the emblem of the Pondicherry Government. The park surrounded by Aayi mandapam has been restructured by preserving its heritage.
Visiting hours – 08:00 hrs to 20:00hrs   

The museum brings back memories of the glorious past of Pondicherry , from the days of the Greco-Roman era down to the present days, providing glimpses of the art and culture of the people of this region during the pallava, chola and vijayanagar days. Artifacts from the excavations at Arikamedu are preserved here.
Visiting hours – 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs & 14:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs 
The Botanical garden in Pondicherry was created in 1826, once called as “Colonial Park”. When the garden came under the control of the eminent botanist perottet “rare and interesting plants” were procured from Calcutta, Madras, Ceylon and Reunion. Its collection numbers to approx.1500 species.
Visiting hours – 09:00hrs to 12:45hrs & 14:00hrs to 17:45hrs   

There are about 32 temples in Pondicherry Of these; Manakula vinayagar temple, Sri vedapureeswarar temple, Kamatchiamman temple and Varadarajaperumal temple are famous.
Visiting hours – 06:00hrs to 12:00hrs & 16:30hrs to 21:00hrs
This is a permanent market located between M.G Road and Bharathi Street. ”Grand Bazaar” is the main market of Pondicherry for flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish, spices, groceries and utensils. It is very interesting to browse this daily market. 
Visiting hours – 05:00hrs to 22:00hrs
French missionary zeal in the 17th and 18th centuries saw a number of imposing churches built here. The Sacred Heart Church, situated on the south boulevard, stands out as an oriental specimen of gothic splendor. It contains rare and beautiful stained glass panels depicting saints and events from the life of Christ.
Auroville welcomes people from all parts of the world to live together and explore cultural, educational, scientific, spiritual, and other pursuits in accordance with the Auroville charter. Auroville information centre and Matri Mandir [Meditation hall with world’s biggest man-made crystal ball] are the places open to most of the visitors. It offers less to see and lots to experience.
Visiting hours –10:00hrs to 18:00hrs 

Facilities for boating are available at the Boat House on the River Chunnambar,8kms from Pondicherry. The backwater and the lush greenery on both sides of chunnambar provide an ideal setting for boating.
Visiting hours –09:00hrs to 17:00hrs
Ousteri lake is one of the biggest lake and major supplier of drinking water in those days. Now it is opened for the tourists for boat ride and to watch the birds. During the season, this lake acts as dwelling place for many migrating birds.
Visiting hours --09:00hrs to 17:00hrs 

It is beautiful to take up the walk around the boulevard, showcasing three different architectures in 3-4 square kms. The White town or the French square, Tamil Square and the Muslim Square.
Visiting hours : No time limit 
Pondicherry is famous for highly creative and beautiful souvenirs. Terracotta, handmade papers, wooden handicrafts aromatics, leather products, linens and garments are unique here at JN Street. Sunday market is ideal for buying cheaper products.
Visiting hours --09:00hrs to 22:00hrs 

M.G Road and Nehru street crossroads has street market is quite famous and perfect for cheaper products. Garments, second – hand books, toys, house holds, CD’s DVD. Audio tapes and used products are generally sold here.
Visiting hours – 08:00hrs to 22:00hrs

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